Is Myspace Making A Comeback?

Is Myspace Making A Comeback?

Fusion Music Marketing blog on myspace, is it making a comeback.Over the last year we’ve started hearing a lot more about Myspace, such as Justin Timberlakes involvement with it as well as the new design makeover.
I don’t know about you (and maybe I am dating myself by saying this) but Myspace was the first Social Media platform I got on. Prior to Facebook, Twitter and others, there was Myspace, and it was for artists and non-artists. The new make-over I think lends itself well for artists (musicians, painters, or even graphic designers).

The new Myspace layout is a horizon style which took me a little getting used to because I was already familiar with the older design. Once you get used to it it’s pretty easy to get creative with it because of the drag and drop functions.

In a recent article on Search Engine Journal, Albert Costill writes “Within the last four months, 24 million people have signed up. This brings Myspace’s total users around 36 million.”  and that “70% of its community is now 35 or younger.”

Are you using Myspace?



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