Case Studies

Band: Saintdiego
0 – 1,000 Facebook Likes in 6 weeks with with over 20% (200+) people talking
about it.

Client: Pop Group
Media: Facebook
Acquire thousands of live, engaged fans for the Group’s Facebook page at a maximum cost of $1.50 fan. This engagement is to a targeted geographic area and a specific targeted demographic.

Result: Fusion Music Marketing met the volume objective within the first 6 weeks of engagement, at an average fan acquisition cost of $1.24, nearly 20% lower cost than client objective. 0 Likes to 1,000 Facebook Likes in 6 weeks with with over 20% (200+) people talking about it.

“Great job on the Facebook ads! I just wanted to let you know I’ve noticed our nice boost.”

Client: Solo Rock Artist
Media: Twitter Management, Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Goal:  Taking an existing account, increase follower quantity and engagement, optimize website and rank in Google, Yahoo, Bing for key phrases

In the first 3 weeks, Fusion increased followers 160%, with a major increase in engagements, including retweets, @ replies and conversational engagement with fans.

Google Search: Before starting she was not in the top 100 search results for Industry and genre specific key phrases. She is now ranked in the Top 5 out of over 13 Million Competing pages for all her keyword phrases

“Geez, I don’t know what you’re doing, but Twitter is blowing up! You two rock!”

Client: Solo Rock Artist
Media: ReverbNation

Goal: Daily interaction with fans, submission to ReverbNation “Opportunities” and promotion of songs for download and listening

Result: Due to the service of Fusion Music Marketing, the artist is consistently ranked in the Top 10 for their music category, and royalty revenue continue to climb. Best of all, this Artist enjoys daily interaction with fans without having to lift a finger!

“Hey you guys, I see that you’re submitting a bunch of stuff and that’s awesome!!!”

Solo Electronic Dance Music Artist:
Media: Twitter
This Artist started with 714 Twitter Followers and after only 2 weeks we reached 1,024; 43% growth in 2 weeks

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