Musicians Friend Features Fusion Founder

Musicians Friend Features Fusion Founder

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Getting featured on the Musicians Friend website was pretty awesome. To think over the years all the gear I’ve purchased from them and now I get a spot on the blog. On The Hub the Musicians Friend Blog and it was a very cool article you should check out.
Here’s an excerpt from the article by April Bone:

Craig de Borba live in concert on stage.A group of seasoned musicians weigh in on strategies to find the perfect guitar, amp, or effects and the iOS apps that can help make you a better guitarist……..

Craig De Borba has shared the stage with musicians ranging from Enrique Iglesias to Chris Isaak. He has also done tons of work for television and film, and he founded Fusion Music Marketing. He remembers both his early sources of influence, and how they evolved.

I think probably the biggest influence would have to be the artists using them, especially early on. Later on, as I matured as a musician, it came down to the tone or sound I wanted. The next thing is playability: how well does this guitar play or feel in my hands? I think guitars are very unique and personal to the player. You can take guitars, same make and model, and they’ll play or feel a little different. And what doesn’t fit with my style will be perfect for another.

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