Internet Music Distribution – Where to go for Results

Internet Music Distribution – Where to go for Results

online music distribution from digital downloadsThe Internet has most certainly changed the music industry and allowed musicians to get online and get their music out into the world. In order to accomplish your Internet music distribution goals, you will need to save your songs in a digital file format but this is nothing compared with how you will now be able to use the World Wide Web for virtually unlimited possibilities to build your fan base, increase revenue and have your music go viral.

Internet Music Distribution Options

Listed are a number of the Internet options for distributing your music and branding your music to really make a difference in your musical world!

1. iTunes
Getting your music on iTunes really communicates your professionalism. This is the largest online music store and will absolutely get you credibility and more fans. You’ll need what is called an aggregator to make the whole business easier, as they can post your music in iTunes as well as other stores.

2. CD Baby
This aggregator service will be one way to get your digital music online. They will upload to iTunes for a price. It is not exactly inexpensive, but is well worth the price.

3. Awal
Here is another aggregator service which will sell your music to a couple hundred music services which include eMusic, Google Play, iTunes and 7Digit. They take a 15 percent cut of sales after the stores take their cut.

4. Ditto Music
With this internet music distribution service, you keep all the rights and royalties, and they take a one-time fee. Your songs go on major players like Rdio and Spotify. This is a simple and easy way to do things.

5. YouTube
Of course, this is a perfect and free way to upload your music and get it heard. You can use it to link to where fans can buy the tune. No question this is an important place to have your music. You will have to have a video to go with your song, but that can be a total blast to make! And the possibilities of going viral! Wow!

6. Spotify
This is a fast-growing mobile app that is becoming extremely popular. You can also have a desktop app. Just about every recorded artist is listed in their library, so you shouldn’t be left out.

7. SoundCloud
Another major site that should not be ignored, SoundCloud players have around 200 million listeners all over the world. You can share your music on just about any interface too! There is a small cost to place your music here, and you won’t make any money, but surely the promotion will help build a fan base and ultimately make you money.

More Internet Music Distribution Options to Look Into

Here are other options to look into:


  • Rdio
  • Instagram Videos
  • Bandcamp
  • Last FM
  • Reddit Music
  • Earbits
  • Twitter Music

Although the big-name stars make most of their income from touring and have online music marketing companies working for them, it is important to build your reputation and your base of loyal fans so touring will be a big part of your life someday. Even if you tour now, and don’t use any of these services or websites to promote your music, it’s best to start now. Get your music out there!

Have experience with any of these sites? Leave us a comment and tell us about your experience!


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