How Are You Found Online?

Positioning Power Of Search Marketing For Music

Did you know that there are Millions of Fans looking online every second, every minute, every day… for your Music and/or Style of Music?

Have you thought about where you rank online for your genre of music? What about for your own band name? Are you dominating the first page for your band/name or are you tucked in between other search results?

Over the last several months of talking to Musicians I have found that the majority do not only own their own website but are not ranking for search phrases specific to their Music and in many times not even their own names. So I decided to do a little research into this to see just what people were looking for in regards to Music styles and here is what I found.

Using Google’s keyword planner toolyou can easily type in different search phrases and Google will return the average number of searches per month for that phrase and other related phrases. Since this is not a post on Keyword research I am not going to get too much into the data here.

First I wanted to start with the local search and see how many searches there were for local bands. This would be phrases including a geographical modifier like rock band Los Angeles. Phrases like this could be good for a local band to rank for in order to get more visitor traffic and potential new fans as well as be discovered by an agency looking for NEW talent.


As you can see from the screen shot the search volume is pretty good and it’s also city specific and being found in the top 5 for this search phrase could generate another 200+ visitors to the band’s site every month, additional attendances at a show, or maybe even a contact from an Industry Rep..

People Are Looking For You NOW!

In this next search I decided to be industry specific and did a search for “female rock singers” and got the following results.

female rock singer
As you can see there are an average of 880 exact searches every month for this keyword plus 3,600 phrase matches. If I was to dig deeper with this search phrase and include all the variations, singular and plural forms, I know I could easily find over 1,000 searches every month for this main keyword.

I encourage you to use the keyword tool and experiment with it to see what phrases you can come up with in your genre. There are other better paid keyword tools on the market but this one is free and is a good place to start. The next thing I would suggest is going into Google and seeing where you are ranking for the phrases you find and also see where you are ranking for your own name or band name.

Having a first page ranking can really help expose your music to NEW people. Take for example the Fusion website, we are ranking in the top for Online Music Marketing Company out of 195 Million competing pages and that allows us to be found by new Artists and Labels every day.

Here is another search for Keyword planner results for music seothe terms new rock bands and new hip hop music.

New Fans or Old Fans

While experimenting with the keyword planner you’re going to want to keep in mind the intention behind the search phrase.

Intention behind “buy music” is very different that of just “music”. One is ready to buy now and the other is doing research or looking for information.

Using the examples to the right of new rock bands and new hip hop music. The intention is clearly someone looking for something “new”, sounds simple enough, almost too simple. Maybe they are tired of the same old artists or songs they get on the radio and are looking for something fresh.
A new song to get access to or a new band to follow.
Who: This would be a music lover, a fan, or an agency looking to discover something that they were not aware of before. Someone who does not know who YOU are, unless you’re already famous.

Using the term Los Angeles rock bands (or any city name) is much like the example above but more targeted to YOUR specific geographic so the chances of getting them out to a show is much greater (if that is one of your goals and it should be).

Lastly, the intention of someone searching for your band name specifically is someone who already knows who you are and they want more information about you. Problem is there are other pages with content on the web that includes phrases similar (or the same) to your name/band and they are all included in the results and a simple search campaign could be all you need to push yourself to appear above the crowd and preferable fill the entire first page. Remember these fans or agencies were interested enough to look for you so you want to make your presence appear BIG by giving them tons of content.

I hope your found this informational. Be sure to leave a comment or a question in the box below… and if you haven’t checked out our Music Marketing Guide check it out here.

To your online success!


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