Facebook is becoming “pay to play”

In the good old days (about 2 years ago), an artist could start up a Facebook page, invite a few “fans” to like the page, and through good, honest content marketing expect that the page would grow virally through likes, shared and comments.

If you provided interesting and valuable content, you could expect to grow a Facebook page quickly and effectively, with only real and engaged fans who would keep your Edgerank score high so you appeared in the majority of your fans’ Facebook streams when they logged in.

Not any more.

facebook with money

Ever since Facebook has gone public, the need for them to actually make money has overpowered their need to grow. Thus, Facebook has become “Pay to Play”.

In the past 6 months or so, we’ve seen more and more that the only way to substantially grow the fan base of a Facebook page is to buy your way in. No, we don’t mean buying fake fans and bot accounts. Fusion has had to clean up WAY too many Facebook accounts of clients who have gone that route and killed their Facebook presence along the way.

Rather, we’re talking about paying Facebook ad dollars to either promote the page or promote posts in order to ensure they appear in user streams.

We saw the trend getting traction in 2011 and 2012, then saw it get much stronger in 2013…and as we move into 2014 it looks like buying your way to success on Facebook is going to be mandatory.

If you want to have a successful Facebook fan page, you’ll need to set a side a budget to pay Facebook their ransom. Then hire Fusion Music Marketing to manage your account for you. We’ve managed hundreds of Facebook ad accounts for our clients, and we know how to place ads that are powerful and effective, gaining your more fans and more engagement for the least amount of money.

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